Team Work


Maglev-SplashMaglev (team of 15) tells the story of Tobot; a magnetic robot stuck on a ship with a crazed dictator bent on running their spaceship headlong into a star.  It was created in UDK.

For Maglev, I created a generic magnetism component that could be placed on any physics actor within a level.  These magnets acted on top of Unreal’s physics system to create magnetic forces between objects.  Working within Unreal’s physics system provided interesting challenges to overcome.  I also worked extensively on camera and controls.


Devour-PosterMy first team game at The Guildhall, Devour (team of 3) is an xbox 360 XNA platformer. I worked on both a Torque 2D version of the game and another within my own 2D engine. Required extensive debugging of the Torque 2D platform and our custom “Guildhall Starter Kit” in order to get working. Had to find and fix a resource accumulation bug that prevented the game from running for more than three levels. In my own engine, I implemented parallax backgrounds, multi-layer rendering, several collision geometries and all gameplay functionality.

Soul Jackin’ the Big Easy

SJBE_PosterSoul Jackin’ the Big Easy (team of 7) is an Unreal Tournament 3 multiplayer mod based on a conversion mechanic.  I created custom capture points for use in the levels and coded most gameplay features. One player starts as the Soul Jacker and everyone it kills switches to its side.  The Humans must stay alive and cleanse the map of the evil brought on by the Soul Jackers.

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