Maglev-SplashMaglev (team of 15) tells the story of Tobot; a magnetic robot stuck on a ship with a crazed dictator bent on running their spaceship headlong into a star.  It was created in UDK.

For Maglev, I created a generic magnetism component that could be placed on any physics actor within a level.  These magnets acted on top of Unreal’s physics system to create magnetic forces between objects.  Working within Unreal’s physics system provided interesting challenges to overcome.  I also worked extensively on camera and controls.

  • In the following video you can see the magnetism implementation functioning.
  • I did 95% of the total magnetism code, the camera and input systems.
  • I did not do the pick up and throw mechanic or any art.
  • Keep in mind this is within Unreal and done entirely through UnrealScript.
Maglev Video

Magnetism Demonstration