I’m a recent graduate of The Guildhall master’s program and a longtime graduate of Fremont High in Sunnyvale.  After a brief tenure in the Netherlands, I am settled in Plano, Texas working with Gearbox on their amazing upcoming titles. I really can’t wait until we can share Duke Nukem with everyone!

My first game was a basic program I wrote in turtle. From there, I spent my lunches for almost two years creating HyperCard point-and-click games and learning programming by accident. My crowning achievements (in elementary school) were a chase AI and a text-parser I added to my HyperCard games. In high school my first programming final was a Pac-Man clone and my second a MUD, turned SUD, turned SUM (single-user-map) with randomly encountered enemies and a shop. It was my first lesson in scoping!

I am finally getting back into my passions: gaming, swimming and rugby.  It’s been far too long since I’ve had a day on the pitch.  And my stack of must-play games is still quite daunting. I have been called a natural leader by many, and I hope to make my presence felt in my new position at Gearbox Software.