A Composite ImageRyan Medeiros
Engine Programmer

Whether configuring DOS boot floppies with my father, experimenting with HyperCard in the Mac lab at my elementary school, or studying C/C++ in college; I have been playing and creating games for most of my life. When I realized just how often I gravitated toward game creation and programming, I determined gaming is my career.

I recently finished studying game programming at The Guildhall at SMU. Attending The Guildhall was probably the most difficult, consuming and rewarding experience I have ever had. The team projects were great insight into what working at a studio is like and the personal work expanded my software skills farther than I thought possible in so short a time.

Since then I took a brief foray into iPhone development with Triangle Studios and wish them the best of luck finishing the project I helped start in the Netherlands. They are quite an amazing group.

Currently, I am working in the platform division at Gearbox Software helping to make their engine technology as great as it possibly can be.

It is my hope that this site shows the dedication I devote to all of my work.  For a good sample of my abilities, please see what I did to add magnetism to unreal.